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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Wannabe in My Gang?: From the Krays to the Essex Boys by Bernard O’Mahoney

Book Description

Publication Date: March 4, 2004
Wannabe in my Gang? spans two decades and involves the most infamous names and crimes in British history. It gives a unique insight into the Kray brothers’ firm, revealing that its public image was a far cry from the truth. Also uncovered is what happened to the remaining members of the Essex Boys firm following the death of Ecstasy victim Leah Betts and the murder of three of its leaders, who were found dead in their blood-spattered Range Rover one winter’s evening. For the first time ever, O’Mahoney will expose the gangland myths that have made legends of those who claim to be responsible for mayhem and murder. He reveals the sordid secret of one of Britain’s most infamous gangsters and tells the truth about the impostors who make a living selling stories andwriting books about events that have never even happened. Wannabe in my Gang? is the book that many in the underworld never wanted the public to read. A crime expose of the highest order, it is shocking, revelatory, and gripping from beginning to end.

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About the Author

Bernard O’Mahoney is a former Essex Boys gang member and is the author of the bestselling Essex Boys: A Terrifying Expose of the British Drugs Scene and The Dream Solution, which reveals who murdered 21 year old Alison Shaughnessy.

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